Week 2 Schedule:

5TH Grade and Under Division

Borton vs. Lynn/Urquides 3:45pm (East Field)

Drachman vs. Lynn/Urquides 5:00pm (East Field)

Roskruge vs. Wheeler 5:00pm (West Field)

Drachman vs. Wheeler 6:15pm (East Field)

Borton vs. Roskruge 6:15pm (West Field)

Championship Game

Two teams with best records* 7:30pm (West Field)

*-Ties are broken by head-to head.  If tie remains, drawing will decide championship game participants.

8TH Grade and Under Division

One 7-inning game (2 hour time limit)

Drachman vs. Roskruge 12:15pm (West Field)


6TH Grade and Under Division

Drachman vs. Roskruge 2:30pm (West Field)

Drachman vs. Roskruge 3:45pm (West Field)*

*-if necessary